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Good to know

  • Day of service

We will provide you with a specific service day for your lawn, but we cannot guarantee a time for the service. We make every effort to maintain the same route every week, but several factors can affect our schedule, and your service day may change according to route optimization.

  • Gates and Pets

If your property is in a gated community you must provide us with the gate code and update it every time it changes. if for any reason the gate does not open, we will wait up to 5 minutes for someone to open the gate. If after that we can’t access, you will still be charge.

All pets must be indoors and all gates must be unlocked on your mowing day. Our crew is very careful about closing gates, and we are not responsible for lost or injured pets, if we arrive to your property and cannot mow the back yard due to a pet in the yard or a locked gate, you will still be charged.

  • Items in the Yard

Please pick up all small items such as toys, hoses, pet waste, and other items in the yard before our crew arrives. We are not responsible for broken items or damage to property due to items on the lawn. We are not responsible for damage to any exposed lines, cables, cables or any other items not protected.

  • Pools

Our crews pay extra attention to avoid getting clippings in the pool but wind conditions and the proximity of the grass areas to the water play a big part in how much grass ends up in the pool. Our crews never intentionally blow grass in the pool, but it can be difficult to keep it out 100%.

  • Rain Delays and Holidays

Our professional mowers allow us to give a quality cut in light to moderate rain for extended periods of time. In the event of constant heavy rains or thunderstorms, we may push the unfinished lawns a day or two or use Saturday as a make-up day.

  • Special works

If you need an extra service, like palm trimming, hedge trimming, etc contact us for an estimate and available dates. Our route is very tight and all side works must be schedule beforehand. Crew members are not allowed to accept a job without notifying the office first.

  • Damage

If there is any property damaged by our crew, please contact us immediately, within 24 hours of the service.and be ready to send us pictures. We will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property that we were not made aware of and allowed to rectify beforehand.

  • Service Issues

We strive for your complete satisfaction with every service we provide, if you think we are doing something wrong, have any complain or special request, please contact us and we will do our best to correct it.